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Set in the heart of CityLine in Richardson, Natural Nails.

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Dear Guests, 

Prior to my wife and I opening up IMAGE Studios Richardson, I worked as a Vice President of Human Resources for a Fortune 200 company.  I always received fulfillment in my corporate gig from helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams within a career they could imagine for themselves.  That all changed in December 2019, when I decided to part ways with the only company I ever worked for to pursue a dream that my wife and I shared over the years.  We decided in our heart of hearts to step out on faith, during a global pandemic, to pursue our dream of opening up a business together.  Why?  Our goal was simple.  To build a beautiful space and create a culture where talented health and beauty professionals could thrive in.  Jaw-dropping features that include curved euro-glass, sliding glass doors, high/open ceilings, 12 ft studio ceilings, stained polished concrete, on-site laundry services, sinks/cabinets in every room, modern decor bathrooms, Wifi/utilities included, accessible parking for clients and pros, and tons of natural light encompass our facility.  We are building something special that is more than just a building.  We are so excited about the collection of beauty professionals that have decided to bring their talents and clientele to this wonderful place.  My hope is that our professionals experience Creativity, Freedom, and Success on a new level. I ask that you stop by to support us if you are a client looking for services, or if you are a beauty professional looking for a place to grow your business.  We welcome you all. 


To much success,

Owner/CEO of IMAGE Studios Richardson

Lonnie & Tiffany McGowen 

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